The Worst Foods and Beverages For Your Teeth Pt. 2

Protect Your Teeth From Unnecessary Damage

Hello, and welcome back to our blog! If you read our previous post, you are aware that we are taking some time to go over some of the food and beverages that are most detrimental to the health and integrity of your teeth. If you haven’t read our previous blog, we suggest that you do so because it contains some valuable information in relation to the health of your teeth, however, if you’d like to read it after this post that is perfectly fine as well. Here at Balboa Victory Dentist Office, we want people to have the healthiest teeth possible. As dentists serving the Encino area, we are dedicated to helping all of our neighbors with their oral health issues and, in our opinion, preventative care is the key to a healthy mouth. Limiting, or completely avoiding certain foods and beverages can go a long way in ensuring that your teeth are not regularly damaged from the substances that you ingest. Continue reading below to learn more!

Treat Your Teeth Right and They Will Serve You Well

When you really think about it, your teeth put up with a lot. As the only exposed bone in the human body, your teeth are one of the hardest parts of your body to damage, however, once they become damaged they can also be one of the trickiest areas of the body to treat. Because of this, preventative steps should be taken to ensure that your teeth are fighting as few battles as possible. Below, we have listed a few more foods and beverages that you should be aware of and the damage they can cause to your teeth.

  • Alcohol: Love it or hate it, alcohol is a substance that is consumed by literally billions of people around the planet. Humans have been enjoying alcohol for thousands of years and, in our opinion, we don’t think people are going to stop consuming it anytime soon. While there are many negative effects associated with alcohol, a surprising number of people are unaware of the effect that alcohol can have on teeth. Besides the staining effect of certain alcoholic beverages, alcohol can work to dehydrate your body, limiting the amount of saliva that your body is able to produce. A decrease in saliva production is directly related to an increase in bacterial growth in the mouth and, as we all know, excess bacteria is something that everyone needs to avoid. While we aren’t suggesting that you completely cut alcohol from your diet, making sure that you stay well hydrated is a proven way to mitigate the effects of alcohol on the teeth.
  • Starchy Foods: Believe it or not, foods with a high starch content are horrible for your teeth. When foods that are high in starch are consumed, they instantly turn into sugar in the mouth. This sugar is then feasted upon by the mouth’s natural bacteria and turned into acid. As you have probably gathered already, acid is the worst possible thing for your teeth and, if you eat a lot of starchy foods, you could be damaging your teeth more than you realize. Of all the starchy foods to avoid, plain white bread is the one you should be most aware of. As bread is consumed, it tends to get wedged in between teeth, forming a layer of starchy goodness that, if not properly cleaned away, can provide the bacteria in your mouth with an all day meal.
  • Hard Foods: Your teeth are tough, however, if you are constantly chewing on foods that are hard, such as nuts, hard candy, or ice, you may be damaging them more than you realize. Such foods will eventually weaken the enamel of your teeth and, if consumed on a regular basis, can chip or crack teeth that have become compromised. If you enjoy crunchy meals, we suggest that you either limit the amount of hard food items that you consume or take extra precaution to let the food naturally soften in your mouth before biting down.

If you have additional questions about food and beverages that you should avoid, please contact us today at Balboa Victory Dentist. Our dentists will be happy to go over any and all substances that are harmful to your teeth and, if needed, conduct a thorough cleaning of your mouth to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as possible. Don’t risk your teeth; contact us today and let us help you keep your chompers in good condition.



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