Soda's Effect On Your Teeth

How Bad is Soda Really?

Sodas are some of the most popular beverages in America. Convenience stores, restaurants, supermarkets, and any other business that caters to the masses offers a wide range of soda products and, for the most part, people drink them like they are going to be gone the next time they set foot in the establishment. While the consumption of soda has long been known to have a negative effect on people’s health, one of the worst things about soda is the fact that it does a number on people’s teeth. In today’s post, we here at Balboa Victory Dental Office wanted to go over some of the reasons that soda is so detrimental to oral health and some of the steps that our readers can take to mitigate the effects of this common beverage. Continue reading below to learn more.

Sodas are the Enemy

When it comes to beverages that people consume, sodas are among the worst in terms of the effect that they have on the teeth. Across the nation, millions of Americans consume millions of sodas every day, rarely taking the time to think about what they are doing to their teeth. Below, we have listed three of the ways that sodas work to eat away at your teeth.

  • Sugar: If you have read any of our previous blogs, you are probably well aware of the fact that sugar is one of the worst things for your teeth. While the sugar itself is not particularly detrimental to the health of your teeth, the bacteria that feed of the sugar are. As the bacteria feed off of the sugar, they release acid as a by-product, acid that does severe damage to the enamel of the teeth. Sodas are amongst the most saturated beverages in the world in terms of sugar. One can of Coca-Cola has 39 grams of sugar alone and, if steps are not taken, this sugar is the perfect food for that acid producing bacteria to feed off of. While the best way to combat the effects of soda on the teeth is to not drink soda, we understand that abstinence-only education is not the way to best educate people. If you’re going to drink soda, we suggest that you also drink water while consuming it. The water will wash away much of the sugar that can accumulate in the mouth. While this won’t make soda completely safe for the teeth, it will go a long way in making sure that soda does as little damage as possible.
  • Acidity: Sodas, for the most part, have very low pH values. This means that they are highly acidic and, once again, acid is bad for the enamel of your teeth. Now, it is true that acidic foods are not always bad for the mouth and, quite frequently, people eat acidic foods regularly with no issues. When it comes to sodas, however, a couple of factors come together to make their acidity levels much more detrimental to teeth. When you drink a soda, not only are you coating your teeth with an acidic substance, you are also coating your teeth with sugar which, as we mentioned earlier, serves to feed the bacteria in your mouth. When you drink a soda you are literally drinking acid while also providing the food that bacteria needs to make more acid. Eventually, this will cause some major issues with your teeth if you are not diligent about washing out your mouth with water after enjoying your soda.
  • Citric Acid: Many sodas have different kinds of acids added for flavor and as preservative agents, however, citric acid is the one that most people should be on the lookout for. Citric acid, an acid found in the majority of sodas, can bind calcium in the body and leach it from the teeth. This makes it extremely corrosive to the teeth even if it is the only acid present in the soda. Of all the horrible ingredients in soda in relation to the health of your teeth, citric acid is the one that can have the most harmful effects.

We hope that this blog has helped to shed some light on the effects that soda can have on the teeth and which ingredients in soda are the worst for your teeth. If you’re worried that your soda consumption has already negatively affected your health, please get in touch with us today at Balboa Victory Dental Office. W have been helping Encino area residents for years in their pursuit of a healthy smile and we are certain that we can handle any issues that you may be having. Contact us today or visit our website to schedule an appointment with one of our dentists and see what passion, dedication, and experience can bring to the table when it comes to your dental care provider.



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