Invisalign®, The Evolution of Orthodontic Care

While technology has driven advances in all areas of medical study and treatment, it’s no wonder that the same has been true for desntistry and orthodontic care. What used to be a torturous gauntlet that adolescents were forced to endure as a rite of passage has become an easy and convenient experience compared with braces of the past. Balboa Vicotry’s Encino orthodontist Raphael Separzadeh uses Invisalign® for better results and satisfaction in his patients’ smiles.

Invisalign® is an alternative to traditional braces that offers many advantages over its predecessor. Made of clear, molded plastic, Invisalign® is placed over the teeth and becomes barely perceptible to others. It can simply be removed when eating, without the restrictions on foods such as popcorn or candy that are known for causing problems with braces. The ability to remove Invisalign® also allows better access to the teeth for brushing and flossing. The days of picking food out of endless nooks and crannies are over. And because Invisalign® consists of smooth-molded plastic instead of jagged metal, orthodontic patients no longer need to worry about suffering from jagged metal scraping the inside of the mouth.

Teenagers as well as adults in Encino are encouraged to find out if Invisalign® is right for them. Getting a perfect smile has never been easier, and it’s only a phone call away. Call 818-351-7606 or contact Balboa Victory Dental Office online and have our experienced orthodontist evaluate your dental health to determine the best treatment. You may be surprised at just how easy orthodontic care has become!



We offer affirmed orthodontics that additionally offer conventional supports. We verify our environment is calm,relaxing and family arranged.



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