Bridges VS Crowns

Do You Know the Options for Repairing Damaged Teeth?

When you start to think about it, people go to great lengths to make sure that their teeth are as protected as possible. Not only do we spend countless hours of our lives cleaning our teeth to make sure that they do not succumb to the effects of tooth decay, we also take great lengths during physical activity to make sure that we don’t damage our teeth. Mouthguards have been a blessing to the world of sports and heave helped people partake in dangerous activities without the fear of a tooth getting knocked out by an errant ball, puck, fist, or elbow. Unfortunately, accidents happen and people occasionally find themselves in a situation where a tooth becomes cracked split or, in a worse case scenario, completely knocked out. When it comes to damage relating to the teeth, there are multiple options available to repair them and, in today’s post, we are going to go over two popular options for repairing damaged teeth: dental crowns and dental bridges. Continue reading below to learn more.

Which Option is Best for You?

Before we begin talking about whether or not you need a crown or a bridge for our dental damage, we first wanted to give a brief description of each option.

  • Dental Crowns: Also known as caps, dental crowns are made from many different materials and can be thought of as a “sleeve” that fits over a damaged tooth in order to guard the tooth against further decay. Typically made from porcelain or some other hard materials, crowns are slipped on top of a damaged tooth and sealed with dental cement to make sure that no food or bacteria slips under the cap.
  • Dental Bridges: Similar to crowns, dental bridges are simply a way to fill in a space where a tooth or multiple teeth were knocked out of the mouth. Most commonly, these bridges are put in place and secured to the remaining teeth in order to make sure that the bridge does not slip out of place. Not only do dental bridges improve the appearance of a person’s smile, they also work to make sure that excessive wear is not placed on other teeth.

Now that everyone has some base knowledge of the difference between crowns and bridges, let’s go over the different situations in which these prostheses are used. For the majority of damaged teeth, dental crowns are put in place to make sure that the tooth does not become further compromised. If a tooth develops a crack, becomes chipped, or is completely split, dentists will almost always suggest that a person considers a crown to prevent further damage. Getting a crown placed takes very little time and, in most cases, a person can have a crown placed and continue to go about their lives as they normally would directly after the procedure. In cases where a tooth is knocked out, however, a dental crown is simply not an adequate solution. Barring The fact that a missing tooth affects the cosmetic look of a person’s smile, having a tooth knocked out can also work to damage the jaw and the surrounding teeth. Teeth act as tiny anchors in the jaw, ensuring that the surrounding teeth do not shift and that the jaw bone does not deteriorate. Dental bridges are places in the area where the tooth was knocked out and are then anchored to the surrounding teeth to make sure that they do not shift. In many cases, dental bridges serve as a temporary fix until a person can revisit their dentist and have a dental implant placed.

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